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HB Knitted Textile is located in Istanbul and is a company specializing in the production of circular knitted fabrics.

HB Knitted Textiles with long years of experience in the Turkish textile industry is constantly expanding and evolving. It has 400 tons of knitted fabric production capacity. HB Knitted Textiles carries out its production in a very systematic way with its textile engineers and 5 talented technicians, who help prevent all errors that may occur during the production stages.

Our company is one of the most preferred companies in Turkey with its large production capacity and especially the skills and abilities it has accumulated over the years. For example, a significant portion of our orders, is composed of the products produced by our research and development department. With its knowledge and our company through continuous R & D efforts, while reducing unit costs of production, constantly strives to improve overall quality.

HB Knitting Textile provides superior quality and fast delivery at very competitive prices. Our company cooperates with foreign companies to increase total quality and customer satisfaction. These partnerships enable a vertically integrated company to leverage its benefits and communicate them to customers.

In addition, most importantly, HB Knitted Textiles respects the sensitivity of nature and acts responsibly towards the environment. Therefore, HB Knitted Textiles has the OEKO-TEX certificate.

In any process of production is not used any material that may be harmful to human health. As a socially responsible company, HB knıttıng textıle carries out production for our colleagues in healthy working conditions and with very modern facilities. Currently, HB Örme Tekstil works with giant names such as World Brand ZARA, HM, STRADIVARIUS, BERSHKA, MANGO, GEORGE. Our company is well aware of the importance of quality control and timely production delivery. Therefore, we have directed our departments according to our logic

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