Rib Fabric

It is a type of RR knitting performed by canceling one of the three needles in both needle beds of double-plate knitting machines. It is a type of rib knit. Due to its elasticity and splashing in the transverse direction, it can be easily used in products such as hems, bands, women’s wear and sweaters.


– It has a warm structure due to the retention of air between the two braids.
– It has a structure that can wrap the body.
They are indispensable products of autumn and winter seasons.
– It does not show through because it is not knitted with extremely fine threads.
– Since it is used in winter clothing products, it does not make the person sweat.
– It has good stretching properties. For this reason, camisole fabrics are also called rubber knit.
– Both sides of camisole fabrics can be used as front face.
– It is used in women’s underwear and women’s outerwear.
– It can be applied to the edges of different types of fabrics.


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