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Single jersey is pronounced as Basic Jersey in English. In the textile community, it is a single-plate knitted fabric type. This fabric is the first of the known circular knitted fabrics. Then, respectively, double-plate and fantasy fabrics come.
The main fiber/yarn type used in single jersey fabrics is cotton. However, it can be produced from all kinds of yarns such as viscose, polyester and blended fibers. Single jersey is knitted with the RL flat knitting model as thick or thin. In other words, one side is knitted straight and the other side is knitted backwards. Single jersey, in which auxiliary knitting elements such as suspenders and jumpers can be used, is used quite often.
Single jersey fabrics are fabric types that can be produced in the form of a tube in a circular knitting machine, but can also be used in the form of open width by cutting. It has the ability to stretch at approximately the same rate in width and length. When they are cut, they can form curls from the sides towards the back of the fabric, from the top and bottom to the front of the fabric.
Single jersey are relatively thin fabrics with different appearances on the front and back. There are two types as lycra single jersey and jacquard single jersey. If the finishing operations are not done correctly and in the desired way, rotation will occur. Sweat absorbency is very high.

Where Is Single Jersey Fabric Used?

Single jersey fabrics, which are frequently preferred for clothing, are circular knitted fabrics knitted with cotton or cotton-weighted blend yarns that can only be produced with circular knitting machines. Single jersey fabric, which is a durable fabric with its flexible and breathable structure, has become one of the most widely used fabrics in the field of outerwear as well as underwear over time.
Single jersey fabrics, one of the most used fabrics, have a wide range of uses and color options. In addition, single jersey fabrics are available in patterned and jacquard models. Single jersey fabrics are preferred for many clothes manufactured in the textile industry. Single jersey fabrics are generally made of cotton. In addition, single jersey fabrics are made of silk and synthetic fibers.

What are the Features of Single Jersey Fabric?

We can list the features of single jersey fabric, which is used extensively in textile, as follows:
● It is a fabric with different front and back sides.
● It has sweat absorbing feature.
● Although it does not crease easily, it is easily ironed when creased.
● Since it is usually made of cotton, it may shrink a little after the first wash.
● Since it is a breathable fabric, it does not sweat.
● Since it is produced from cotton, which is a natural fiber, it is a type of fabric that is healthy.
● It can be easily washed in the washing machine.
● It is soft and light in form.
● It makes you feel comfortable with its elastic and flexible lines.
● Its elasticity is structurally good, and the use of lycra during production increases the level of flexibility.
● It is one of the elegant fabric types that is easy to wash and maintain.
● No allergic or harmful point was found.
● It is a type of fabric that is easy to design, helps the skin to breathe, and keeps warm at the same time.

Single jersey fabric usage areas

Single jersey fabric is one of the most used fabrics in the clothing industry. It is generally used in many clothing products such as t-shirts, jerseys, slips, undershirts, pajamas, dresses, socks, tights and underwear. Classic men’s and women’s shirts are white, and cotton combed underwear can be given as an example of single jersey fabric. It is often used in summer children’s t-shirts, shorts and pajamas. Single jersey fabrics are used a lot, especially in underwear.

How is the single jersey fabric?

Today, the most used single jersey fabrics are produced on circular knitting machines known as single plate. In the production of single jersey fabric, a single needle group is used on a single needle bed. During the production of single jersey fabrics, sorting is done on a single needle bed. Single jersey fabric is known as a low-weight, single-ply knitted fabric made of cotton yarn. Single jersey fabric is used extensively in the textile industry.

Do single jersey fabrics make you sweat?

It has the feature of absorbing sweat according to the single jersey fabric feature. Especially in the summer heat, clothes made of single jersey fabric are preferred. Single jersey fabric prevents sweating compared to other fabric types. Single jersey fabric does not sweat the body.

Is single jersey fabric stretchy?

Although the flexibility of single jersey fabrics, which are used extensively in the clothing and home textile sector, is less, the level of flexibility may increase according to the lycra ratio used during production. The single jersey fabric made of natural cotton is also very comfortable and easy to use.

Does single jersey fabric shrink when washed?

Single jersey fabrics shrink a little when washed for the first time after first use. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that single jersey fabrics are one size larger. In order for the single jersey fabrics to remain as they were on the first day, they should be washed in the washing machine at low speed. In addition, single jersey fabrics that are hand washed with cold water can be used for a long time. In order for the single jersey fabrics to remain as they were on the first day and not shrink, the cleaning instructions written on them must be followed.

Does single jersey fabric keep you warm?

Single jersey fabrics, one of the most popular fabrics of recent years, are used extensively in the production of daily clothing. There are summer models and winter models. In addition, thick single jersey fabrics keep warm due to their structure. Single jersey fabrics are preferred more especially in winter season. Single jersey fabrics, which should also be considered for cleanliness, are generally used by everyone. There are also differences in the usage areas according to the types of single jersey fabrics that are used extensively in home textiles. Single jersey fabrics are one of the most preferred fabric types.

ingle jersey fabric for summer? is it for winter?

Single jersey models, which are becoming more and more diversified in the textile world, have the versatility to be used in summer and winter clothes. However, it is generally preferred for thin spring/summer clothes.

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